Daddy's Little Girls: An Aubrey Graham Fanfic
Ever since the revelation of Isabella being his, Aubrey's world began to revolve around his two number one girls, Cassie and Isabella. But after marrying the love of his, Orely, and obtaining full custody of Izzy after her fourteenth birthday, Aubrey begins to realize daddy's little girls ain't so little no more.
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What chapter was the one where Cassie finally tells Drake that her uncle raped her? 😵

22 I believe

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Can I get a chapter list? I'm on mobile and I'm super late on this story. Please !

Chapter 60-2



"Dada, Dada," Elle babbled as we sat in the middle of the living room floor playing with her toys.

"Yes baby?" I wrinkled my nose as I leaned closer to her. She giggled as she reached out and grabbed my nose with her tiny hand.

"I love you Noelle Evelyn Graham, and your mommy too."

Chapter Sixteen



"Another refill, Mr. Carter?" the bartender asked me as she wiped the inside of a glass. I nodded and she poured me another glass of coke and Jack. I looked up at the television of my highlights of yesterday. I wish I could go back and redo that play but I still scored two touchdowns…

A chapter today?


You guys know what to do❤️

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Is there gonna be a trilogy.?

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Can you please post a chapter list of 1-59 please I only have acess to a really slow phone so it takes forever to scroll down... Thank you!!!! Btw: I love your fanfics youre so damn talented

Awww thanks love!

Chapter Fifteen



When Orely said I had to earn it, I knew life as I know it was over. It was either going to get really spicy or she was going to torture me. The same way she tortured me when she dropped the towel earlier. Even at her age she was still the finest and sexiest woman to step foot on earth….


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